A bavarian invention.

The history of BoXo & Co.

BoXo Classic, BoXo Snakebite and BoXo Coupler: The most commonly sold system housings of the
Happareute Brain Factory are inventions that come from a small town on the edge of the bavarian alps.

The sky seemed to shine in bright blue and white colors. In his workshop in the small town of Happareute
the creative and experimental young technician Ulf Ziegler from Munich was searching for flexible and practical
solutions for self assembly of various signal and powersupply adapters.

During this period of time (2000 - 2010) he worked actively in the show and event sector, and realised again
and again that ready solutions for fairs and industrial events had not been enough to satisfiy the technicians,
required a disproportionately high logistical effort or simply had been too expensive.

2012 was the birth of BoXo - and the year of foundation of the Happareute Brain Factory.

Ziegler first developed a small design adapter with following objectives: a robust aluminium housing
with matching cavities for D-type sockets that can be re-assembled on demand due to its incorporated
M3 windings.

The standard solutions offered only an assembly with self-tapping screws, which deprived to the user any flexibility
and in the worst case made possible only a one time application.

This enclosure for self assembly and self configuration should enable to the user a maximum of flexiblity
in the individual implementation of adapter solutions, as well as a possible multiple use of the housing
by a change of sockets on demand.

Ulf Ziegler staged a coup with the brand:
He invents in the year of birth the name BoXo and it´s black and green typical lettering.
The name "BoXo " - capital "X" framed by two small "o" emerged due to the quantity sockets on each side
and the possibility of individual cabling of these.

The product range developed quickly, as it became visible, that there was a clearly great demand on the market
for further individual solutions. All following types of housings are offered also under the brand name BoXo.
This is BoXo Multi the allround talent, BoXo Mini the smallest housing and BoXo Dive the smart Y-Splitter for
powerCON TRUE1 TOP connectors.

Innovation and customer demands are the mainspring of BoXo and the brain factory.

Lookout for inspiration and rely on the bavarian know-how.


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